Sage CRM - Latest Patches for Versions 2017, 7.3, 7.2 and 7.1 as at January 2017

January 2017

The latest patches for the different CRM versions are as follow:

  • General Availability for the CRM release of 2017 is available Jan 3, 2017.  CRM 2017 R1 is the full installation for new installs or upgrades from prior to version 7.2.  CRM 2017 R1 Patch is also a full installation and needed for upgrades from CRM 7.2 or later.

  • CRM 7.3 SP3.4 is the latest service pack for this version. This is not a full product, it is a patch and you must already be on a version 7.3 in order to install this update.

  • CRM 7.2j is the latest patch.  This version will only be supported until March 2017.

  • CRM 7.1o is the latest patch and this version is no longer supported by Sage.


The readme notes for these patches are attached and they contain a full description of the issues that have been addressed and any new features added.  It is recommended that a Sage CRM certified technician install the full product and the required patches.  It may also be beneficial to test in a prototype environment first to verify any issues with existing customizations in CRM.

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