WCB Assessment Report

Problem Details:

WCB Assessment report totals does not equal the payroll register salary totals for the same period. 



The WCB Assessment report totals should agree with the payroll register salary totals for the same period provided all earnings on the payroll register have a WCB code assigned to them.  Print a payroll register and confirm that each earning code has a WC Code assigned: 


If there is no code assigned to the earning code when payroll is processed, it will not be included on the WCB Assessment report.  

First go to Payroll Setup / Earnings and Deductions.  Make sure that the 'Subject to Workers' Compensation' box is selected. 


Then go to the individual employee record in Payroll Employees / Employees.  Ensure that the setting for WCC Group and Workers' Comp. is filled in for the earning code in question. 


This will allow the payroll to calculate WCB on that code for that employee during a payroll run.  

Another note:  If you have entered Transaction History entries for any employees, the WC Code and WC Base fields need to be filled in for each earning.  This will allow the entry to be included on the WCB Assessment Report only if the option to 'Retrieve assessments from payroll register' is NOT selected, as transaction history entries do not show up on the Payroll Register. 


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