Voiding and Reversing AP Cheques

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What is the difference between voiding and reversing an accounts payable cheque?



An Accounts Payable cheque can be voided if it has been printed but not yet posted.  Once the cheque has been posted, it can no longer be voided it must be reversed.  

When you print a cheque from within the Payment Entry screen, and click on 'yes' to the question if the cheque printed successfully, you get the screen which shows that the cheque has been printed, but the entry (batch) has not yet been posted.  This allows the 'Void Check' box to be accessible.  


Once the payment batch is posted, the 'Void Check' box is greyed out and no longer accessible.  Now the cheque will need to be reversed.  

Go to Bank Services / Bank Transactions / Reverse Transactions to reverse a posted AP Cheque.  For more information on the process of reversing a cheque, see Reversing a Payment in Bank Services

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