Workers' Compensation Report using Wrong Rate

Problem Details: 

Printing out the Workers' Compensation Report for the first quarter of the year, prints some of the earnings with last year's rate, and some of the earnings with the current year rate. 



It is not unusual for the new Workers' Compensation Rates to be updated in Sage partially through the first quarter of the year when the company is notified of the new rate.  But all premiums need to be calculated using the new rate on earnings since January 1.  

There are two ways to print the Workers' Compensation Report: 

  • Using the rates defined in the Payroll Setup / Workers' Compensation Codes screen.
  • Using the calculation done in Calculate Payroll function and displayed on the Payroll Register for each pay run 

If the report is printed using the Payroll Register as its source, the rates used may be different for different pay periods. 

When opening the Workers' Compensation Report, ensure that the option to 'Retrieve assessments from payroll register is not selected, and then set the Rates field to 'Current' or 'Previous', whichever is needed. 


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