Error 133 when propagating

by Tomas Blomqvist

Problem Details: 

When propagating a Sage 300 database, the following error comes up: 

'Could not propagate error=133'



This error indicates that the Sage300 program files are not the same version as the database.  Confirm that the product updates on the machine where the propagating is being attempted are the same as all the other workstations or servers where Sage300 is installed.  You can check your version and product updates installed by following these steps: How to Find your Version of Sage300.  

Your options are: 

  • run the propagation function on the machine with the most recent product update already installed - this is a quick solution, and should be followed by the next option

  • install the most recent product update on the machine which does not have it and then run the propagation.  This is the best solution as it is recommended to have all installations of Sage300 using the same program files. 

For a list of the most recent product updates published by Sage click Most Recent Product Updates - April 2017


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