Assigning security rights to users

There are many ways to restrict or allow access to certain functions within Intacct.  Two of the most common methods are: 

  1. User-based permissions
  2. Role-based permissions


User-Based permissions allow each individual user to have a different set of rights.  To setup permissions for an individual user, go to Company / Users and locate the specific user.  Click on the Subscriptions link. This will open up a screen which identifies the modules in use.  Click on the Permissions link next to each module to display all the available permissions that can be assigned to the user.  Select the options the user will need and Save. Individual management of permissions for individual users can be slow and error-prone.  Note that when a user is duplicated, the permissions are not copied and must be assigned. 


Role-Based permissions are sometimes preferable if there are many users.  A set of permissions can be setup for one role, and that role can then be assigned to multiple users. Add different roles from the Company / Roles screen.  Then click on Subscriptions for the Role and, for each module, assign the relevant permissions.  Once the role has the relevant permissions assigned, go to Company / Users and when adding or editing a user, assign one or more roles to them.  It is possible to assign multiple roles for one user.  Adjusting permissions for a specific role will affect all users that are assigned to the role. Creation of new users is simple because when a user is duplicated, the role assignment is copied.


Role-based permissions are generally the more recommended practice when setting up security. 

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