No installed organizations / You must have a database setup

Problem Details: 

Sage300 has previously been working fine, and now displays one of these error messages when launching the program: 

  • There are no installed organizations!
  • Before using Sage300 you must have a database setup in MS SQL server format.



Some anti-virus software have been known to quarantine Sage files, crippling the program.  The most recent one is Webroot SecureAnywhere.  It quarantines files such as:

  • orgtbl32.exe
  • a4wrvspy.exe
  • a4wspy.exe
  • capwdmpr.exe
  • sgwin.exe
  • a4wlpmgr.exe
  • a4wlicmgr.exe

from the Runtime directory.  It also may delete or modify the files that are opened by the 'suspicious' files, such as those in the SITE directory: 

  • orgs.ism
  • users.ism
  • user2.ism
  • winuser.ism

This is what causes the initial error, 'no installed organizations', or 'you must have a database setup', since the orgs.ism is the first file Sage accesses upon launch. 

Restore the SITE directory from a backup, and release the other Sage files from quarantine.  This should resolve the issue.  However, in some cases, an additional error message is displayed:

  • Runtime Error! Program C:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\Runtime\accpac.exe  This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. 

One of two options are necessary to resolve this further: 1)  copy the Runtime folder from a working installation of Sage, or 2) run a repair installation and re-apply the most recent Product Update.  

It is important to exclude all of the Sage directories from the anti-virus in order to prevent the issue from recurring.  

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