Extended Price and Extended Costs fields not Calculated on Order

Problem Details: 

When entering an order for specific items the extended price and extended cost fields are not being calculated even though quantities and unit price and unit cost fields are entered.



This problem will occur under these circumstances:

  1. the item is a 'user-defined' costed item
  2. there is no price list setup for the item
  3. the default order UOM setting in OE Setup / Options / Processing is set to 'pricing UOM'
  4. the order UOM on the order is entered AFTER the unit price and unit cost values are entered

When entering an order for a user-defined item that has no price list, the Order UOM field is defaulted to blank.  Then when the unit price and unit cost fields are entered, the extended amount cannot be calculated because the program doesn't know the unit of measure to use in the calculation.  The order cannot be saved, however, until an order UOM is entered in that field (this is the error that will be displayed when trying to save the order).  Then after the order UOM field is entered, the order can be saved, but the extended fields are still not calculated.  They only calculate when the order UOM field is entered BEFORE the unit price and unit cost amounts or if the unit price and unit cost amounts are refreshed after entering the order UOM field.  

Most of the time, users manually enter the extended price field because they do not want to sell the product for zero dollars!  However, the zero extended cost amount is seldom seen in the order itself and may only be discovered at the time of reviewing inventory, when a high cost is seen for a small or zero quantity of the item.  At this time, an IC adjustment can be done to expense the cost amount to a cost of goods account that should have accompanied the order.  

To prevent this issue from occurring, there are a few options to consider: 

  • Enter a price list for ALL items, regardless of whether or not they are user-defined. The price can be zero, so as to be over-written at the time of the order, but this will establish a pricing unit of measure and then this field will be defaulted on the order detail line. 
  • Set the default order UOM to be the 'stocking UOM' instead of the 'pricing UOM'
  • Arrange the fields in the order entry detail grid so that the Order UOM field comes before the Unit Price and Unit Cost fields.  Theoretically, as the user tabs through the fields, they will then enter this value before the unit price and unit cost fields, allowing the extended amounts to be updated.


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