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All our AR invoices show up with the Top Level company name and address. How can we get the individual Entity name and addresses to display on the invoices? 



In a multi-entity shared company, we sign in to the Top Level and from there we can navigate to the individual entities.  Setting up shared information (such as accounts, customers or vendors common to all) is done at the top level of a company.  However, most often, transactions are entered in a specific entity as they are the working companies.  By default, when invoicing from an entity, the AR invoice prints out the Top Level company name and address.  In order to print the specific entity name and address, we need to set the following:  

  1) In each Entity:  go to AR Setup / Configure Accounts Receivables, Format section.  Turn on the options to 'Use entity address fro invoices & statements' and 'Use entity remittance address'. 


Under these selection boxes, there are fields to enter the Entity Remit to address.  Make sure those are filled in with the appropriate address. This is the address that will be used on the invoices and statements for the Remit To address.

  2) In the Top Level: go to Companies / Entities and click on Edit beside a specific entity.  In the Contacts section on the Entity Information tab, specify an Entity contact.  If one has not yet been created, it can be added from this screen.  This Entity contact specifies the location name and address that will appear on the headings on invoices and statements.  Each entity needs to have their own contact assigned.


These two settings are required to enable the AR invoices to print with the Entity name and address only when the invoice is posted and printed from the Entity level.  It is not possible to have an Entity name print on an invoice that is posted and printed from the Top Level - the Top Level name and address will always be printed in that scenario.


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