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When looking up item information, would like to see all quantities as well.  Do I have to go to two screens (items and location details)?  Is there an easier way? 



Yes!  Starting in Sage300 Version 2017, there is more options available in the IC Items lookup function than ever before.  Go to IC Items and Price Lists and open Items.  Click on the Finder.  From this screen, there are additional fields that have been added that can be used to search and filter using the Set Criteria button, or by using the Find By feature.  


The new fields added are: 

  • Quantity Available
  • Quantity Committed
  • Quantity on Hand
  • Quantity on Purchase Order
  • Quantity on Sales Order
  • Preferred Vendor (name and number)
  • Preferred Vendor Item Number

Note that we can add or subtract these fields (or others) from the finder grid by clicking on Settings / Columns,


and moving the fields from the Unselected to the Selected side. You can also re-arrange how the fields are displayed on the finder grid by moving each field up or down on the Selected side. 


See Finder Settings for a detailed explanation of all the customizable finder settings available to each user.

Not only can we search on these new criteria, we are also able to export using these filters and have these fields available in our export file.  Normally, this type of export has been only available from IC Location Details, but from there, we could not filter on active or inactive items.  This option is now accessible from the IC Items Finder screen. (Let's all do the happy dance now!)


Go to IC Items and Price Lists and open Items.  Click on the Finder, and from this screen, click on File / Export.


Then give your export file a name and select or unselect all the desired fields for the export file, including any of the newly available fields.  These fields can also be used to Set Criteria (as can the Status field, which allows only the Active items to be viewed or exported). 


For more detailed information on more advanced search and criteria functions, see Setting Complex Selection Criteria




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