IC Location Details - Export only 'Active' Items

Problem Details: 

Need to export Item Location Details, but only want active, not inactive, items 



This functionality has become possible in Sage300 V2017.  It is still not possible to export active items only from the IC Location Details screen, but it IS possible from the IC Location Details Finder Screen!  

Firstly, we now have the ability to search for only active items by clicking on the Finder, setting the Find By field to Status and the Filter to Active. 


We can also use the Set Criteria function to only view Active items, so we can have multiple filters and set the Find By field to something else.  

Now, when we want to export only the active items, Go to the Finder field again, and this time, click on File / Export. 


Then click on Set Criteria, choose the Column 'Status' and set the Criteria to be 'Active'


Then click 'OK' and export the data.  Only active items will be exported!  Other criteria can be set as well; see Setting Complex Selection Criteria for how to add multiple levels of filters on your export file.  

This export can also be done from the IC Items screen Search & Export IC Items as well, since many additional fields have been added to the finder in that screen also! 

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