AP Invoices 'On Hold'

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Can an AP invoice be put 'on hold' so payments are not generated for it? 



YES!  There are two ways to put an AP invoice on hold: 

   1)  This can be done at the time of invoice entry by selecting the 'On Hold' checkbox before saving and posting the invoice.  This allows the invoice to be entered and the expense recorded in the appropriate fiscal period, without having the payment show up in a system generated payment batch when terms become due. 


   2) It is also possible to put an invoice on hold after it has already been posted. Go to AP Transactions / Control Payments.  Enter the Vendor Number, Document Number and click on the double arrows. Select a status of 'On Hold' and Process.  


This is the same screen where the hold status would be removed, when the invoice is authorized for payment.  From this screen, the invoice can also be set to a status of 'Forced' in order to have the payment for an invoice be generated through a system generated payment batch prior to the due date of the invoice. 

It is also possible to change the status of a range of invoices all at the same time, by clicking on the Range of Documents tab and entering the appropriate selection criteria. When the Process button is clicked, the documents' status will be updated, but unfortunately, the function does not show a list of these individual documents.  Printing the AP Aged Payables Report and including "Vendors/Transactions on Hold' we are able to see all the documents with the Hold status.


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