Error: "You cannot create a new year until all other users leave Sage Accpac G/L" occurs when creating new year

Problem Description:

The following error may occur when creating a new year:

"Incorrect procedure. You cannot create a new year until all other users leave Sage Accpac G/L and all other Sage Accpac G/L windows are closed."


The error may be resolved as follows:

  1. In the Sage 300 ERP desktop menu bar, go to Help, Lanpak users 
  2. If users are currently logged into the company, have them log out 
  3. Run the create new year function again 

If the error remains, have all users log out of Sage 300 ERP. Reboot the database server to release all instances and processes tied to Sage 300 ERP.  Once the database server has been rebooted, log into Sage 300 ERP and run the create new year function again.  

You may also need to check for any services that are connected to Sage 300 and stop them.  These services may be automatically started after a reboot.  For example, if you are running an integrated POS software, you may need to stop that service.  Go to Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Services to open the services interface and get a list of all services running.  Remember to restart the service after you Create New Year function is complete. 

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