How to pay accrued vacation for an employee


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How to pay accrued vacation for an employee?


  1. Create a timecard for the employee 
  2. Select the accrual code for the vacation to be paid.
  3. Select the value in the Type column as Payment. 
  4. Enter the number of hours in the Hours column, and the rate or the total amount to be paid (depending on the accrual method) in the Rate/Amt/Pct column.  
  5. If this vacation amount is to be paid on a separate cheque from the employee's regular pay, put a check in the box for the Print a Separate Cheque option.  
  6. Run Calculate Payroll.
  7. Print the Pre-check Register Report to confirm the figures. 
  8. Click on Payroll Checks to print the checks and post the batch. 



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