How to adjust an employee YTD earnings total



How to adjust an employee earnings total  


  1. Go to Payroll Employees.
  2. Double click on Transaction History.
  3. Enter the employee number.
  4. Enter the date for when the entry will be effective
  5. On the Earnings/Deductions tab, enter the earnings code to adjust.
  6. Select the field to adjust - Hours or Employee Extended Amount - and enter the amount to be adjusted
    • Positive to increase
    • Negative to decrease
  7. Click Add to save the entry.

Check the Earnings and Hours report to confirm the totals reflect the change. 

The entry done in the Transaction History screen does not affect the General Ledger. It only updates the YTD figures in the payroll module.  If a GL entry to update any wage expense accounts are required, those entries must be entered and posted in the GL. 

Note:  this process does not update any values for T4 purposes.  For that procedure, please see this article: Adjustments for T4 Boxes


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