EI Exempt Box in Box 28 of the T4 Does Not Display an X

Problem Description:

EI exempt on T4 is not checked for an employee even though the employee is not paying any EI amounts.


In Payroll, Payroll Employees, on the Taxes tab, check if the employee has an entry for EIR1 (or any other EI rate). If there is, Box 28 (Exempt) on the T4 slip will not show an 'X' even though the employee is not paying any EI amounts.

If there is no EIR1 entry, and the 'X' still does not show up on the T4 slip, there is a possibility that at one point, EI tax was added to the employee's setup and a payroll calculation or transaction history entry was added.  After this was done, the user may have removed the EI entry from the employee's setup.

To check for this, print the Payroll Register for this employee and see if any EI withholdings were ever done.  You can also check the Employee Activity screen and look at the detail of the cheques. If you are familiar with SQL you could also check the 'CPCHKH' table and look at the 'TAXPLAN' field to check for an EI entry.

If you find an EI entry through any of these means, the 'Exempt' box on the T4 will not receive an 'X'. Contact us for a data repair to modify the data tables to reflect the Exempt status.

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