Cheques clearing through wrong bank

Problem Details:

Cheques were issued and posted to one bank (BANK 1) but were printed with the wrong banking information and are now clearing through the wrong bank (BANK 2).   



There are several options available to deal with this scenario:

1) reverse all cheques through bank services.  Re-enter the payments and post the cheques and print with the correct banking information (this will only work if the cheques have not yet been mailed out)

2) do a bank transfer, withdrawal from bank 2 and deposit into bank 1 for each of the cheques.  Clear both deposit and withdrawal, that cancel each other out in bank 1.  Clear the transfers out (withdrawals) from bank 2 as each cheques physically clears the bank.

3) data repair to transfer all the cheques posted to bank 1 into bank 2.


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