Changing GL Accounts to Inactive status gives Data Integrity Errors

Problem Details:

Changing GL account status to 'inactive' has caused data integrity errors in Bank Services:  'GL account __ is inactive, but can be used'



Open Common Services / Company Profile.  Go to the Options tab and check the setting for 'Inactive GL Account'.  If this is set to Warning or Error, you will see the error above in Bank Services for any inactive GL account that is referenced by Distribution Codes or Bank Entries (for example). 

To eliminate the data integrity errors, change this setting to 'None'.  However, by changing this setting, you will be allowing entries to be posted into inactive GL accounts, so this may not be desired. 

You can also make those GL accounts active again, and this will eliminate the data integrity error.  Again, this may not be desired, as this will allow entries to be processed into those accounts. 

The other option will be to leave the errors in Bank Services, understanding their significance is minimal to your actual data integrity. 

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