Printing a large batch of documents using PrintBoss

Problem Details: 

PrintBoss fails when trying to print a large number of documents such as AR Statements for all customers.


Option 1: Run smaller batches at a time.

Option 2: Change configuration settings to allow for a longer delay period before it times out on a ‘batch’.  Open Print Boss and go to Options / Configuration.  Click on the Internal tab.  Change the setting 'Print jobs received within these secs are treated as one batch' from the default of 0 to a higher value (suggest 3). Click OK to save the change.

Option 3: Change PrintBoss settings for the AR Statement from Immediate to Batch.  Open Print Boss and go to Edit / Form Files.  Select the form that you are working with and click on Editor.  Go to the Multi-Parts & Printers tab.  Change the 'Print Time' setting from Immediate to Batch. Click on OK to save the change.

After printing from Sage and selecting PrintBoss50 as the printer, wait for PrintBoss to complete processing the batch. Then open Print Boss and go to File / Open Document Workfiles.  Select the form that you are working with and click on Print, then Print All. 

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