Session Date does Not Exist in Fiscal Calendar

Problem Details:

Session date does not exist in Common Fiscal Calendar message when opening Company database


This warning occurs when the date you are using to login to Sage does not fit in any year in the fiscal calendar.  It is most common at year end when the  new year has not yet been created.

This is only a warning, and you are still able to login to Sage.  However, you will not be able to process any transactions for that date until it exists in the Fiscal Calendar.  Create the new year by going to Common Services -> Fiscal Calendar and clicking the New button.  The fiscal periods will be populated in exactly the same manner as the previous year.  Edit the fiscal periods if necessary and then Save. 

Now when you login, the message will not appear and you will be able to process transactions for that date in the sub-ledgers. 

See also: How to Create a New Year in the Fiscal Calendar


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