Invoicing Serialized Items from a PO Receipt

Problem Details:

Several serialized items have been received on one PO Receipt.  Trying to invoice the receipt, but only want to invoice one or two items, not all of them.   Able to remove the quantity of items received from the detail line, but cannot change the 'Fully Invoiced' column from yes to no, so they can be invoiced later. 



This behavior is specific to serialized items.  For a receipt containing serialized items - all serialized items on a receipt must be invoiced in full at the same time.  It is not possible to save some serialized items for invoicing at a later date by changing the 'Fully Invoiced' field.  The options are:

1) invoice all the received serialized items on one invoice

2) if multiple invoices are needed, the receipt will need to be invoiced in full, then the items returned, and credited in full.  Re-receive the serialized items on separate receipts to allow for separate invoicing. 

3) invoice only some of the serialized items.  Zero out the quantities and serial numbers for the items not being invoiced.  Post the invoice.  Now you will need to re-receive those items and serial numbers on a new receipt.

To avoid the issue in future, make sure to only receive serialized items that are to be invoiced together on the same receipt.  Use multiple receipts to receive serialized items that may need to be invoiced separately.



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