When launching Sage, getting a UAC prompt for administrator credentials

Problem Details:

When launching Sage from a desktop icon, am getting a User Account Control prompt for administrator credentials. 



The simplest solution is to lower the User Account Control to the lowest setting.  You can do this in Control Panel, User Accounts, Change the User Account Control Settings.  After reducing the level, a reboot is required for the new setting to take effect.

However, if you would like to have the UAC control turned on, then these following steps will help. 

Set the UAC to the third level (this is the default). 

Then run the regacc utility.  Browse to the program files directory (by default this will be c:\sage\sage_accpac\) and open the Runtime folder.  The regacc.exe file is located here.  Run this file as an administrator.  You can gauge the progress of the registration function as it goes through the files in alphabetical order.  When complete, it will tell you that a log file has been generated. 

On your desktop shortcut for Sage, right click and open Properties.  On the Shortcut tab, click on Advanced.  Make sure the setting to 'run as administrator' is turned off.  Go to the Compatibility tab and at the bottom, you will see a section for Privilege Level.  Ensure the setting to 'run as administrator' is turned off here as well.  Underneath that setting - click on Change Settings For All Users. At the bottom of this screen you also have a section for Privilege Level where you need to turn off the 'run as administrator' option.  Click Apply, then Apply again, then OK.

This will allow you to have the User Account Controls turned on, but not have to enter administrator credentials to open the Sage program.

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