Payroll error - G/L Segment Overrides

Problem Description:

Error occurs in payroll: "G/L Account ______ was created from G/L segment overrides, but it does not exist in the G/L chart of accounts"


This can happen when Cost Center Overrides is turned on in Payroll G/L Integration.  For example: If the regular expense account for an earning code is 6000-200-10 and the cost center override assigned to the employee for the second segment is 250, then the expense will go to an account 6000-250-10 because of the segment override.  CPP and EIR1 expenses will also use this override as will any earning or deduction code that is calculated based upon the original earning code.  If any of the accounts created do not exist in the GL chart of accounts, this error will occur. 

Note that this will not stop the payroll from being processed, it will only stop the journal entry from being posted in the General Ledger.


  • create the gl account in the chart of accounts
  • let the payroll go through with the GL accounts that do not exist and modify those account numbers in the GL batch entry before posting to assign to an account that does exist. 
  • edit the cost center override segments for the employee so that the accounts created by the segment override do, in fact, already exist.


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