Print Boss Workstation Install

Problem Details:

User is trying to print forms through print boss, but print boss program is not launching.  Print boss may not be installed on the workstation, or the printer driver may be corrupted.



Browse to the print boss directory.  Normally, this is located in the shared data directory of Sage 300.  (In Sage 300, Click on Help / System Information to find the shared data directory)  Inside the print boss folder, click on the setup.exe (or pbsetup.exe) file.  The Host Accounting System, and the Print Boss Directory fields should be filled in for you.  Check and correct if necessary.  Select the option for 'Workstation / Printer Driver / Special Host Tasks' and click Next.  Ensure the option to 'Re-Install "PrintBoss50" Printer Driver on Finish" is selected and click Finish. You will receive a message that says "PrintBoss has been installed successfully!"

After the successful installation, you will want to check and set the following settings:

  • Set the default PrintBoss printer.  Click on File / Printer setup for this function. 
  • Set the printers specific to individual forms.  Click on Edit / Form Files and select the specific form.  Then click on Editor and go to the Multi-Parts & Printers tab to designate a printer for the form. 
  • Configure email - go to Options / Email Configuration to enable the email module and enter email accounts and addresses.
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