How to Record a Customer Refund by Credit Card

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How to record a customer refund that has already been issued by credit card



An AR refund can only be issued if there is a credit document on the customer's account.  This includes a credit note, prepayment, or unapplied cash.  There must be a document to apply the refund against.  

In A/R Transactions, open the Refund Batch List and create a new batch.  Enter the customer number.  In the detail grid, click on the Document Number field to open the finder and select the document the refund is to be posted against.  The Original Amount, Current Balance and Pending Balance fields will auto-populate with the correct document values.  Change the Payment Type to Credit Card.  The C.C. Bank field is automatically populated with a bank code.  You can change this field if necessary to the correct bank that the funds came out of.  Enter the amount of the refund in the Payment Amount field. The Net Balance field will show the balance left on the document.  You will now see that the payment amount from the detail line(s) has been updated in the header in the Customer Credit Card Amount Field.  Add the entry and post the batch.  The refund will be applied to the document specified and will show up as a withdrawal in the bank in Bank Services. 





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