Post-dating AP Cheques into a future year

Problem Details:

The user needs to print out post-dated cheques which will cross over into the next fiscal year.


Make sure that the required dates for the cheques exist in the Fiscal Calendar.   If they do, then the cheques can be posted in AP.  If the dates do not yet exist in the Fiscal Calendar, a new year will need to be created (Create a New Year in Fiscal Calendar) before processing the post-dated cheques.  

When the AP batch is posted in the GL, an error batch will be created, as the creation of the new year in the fiscal calendar does not update the GL into the new year.  Sage 300 does not allow posting to a future year. The error batches can remain in the batch list until the user is ready to close the GL.  After the new year is created in the GL, those error batches can be posted successfully.  See How to Create a New Year in GL for details on this procedure. 



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