Selection Criteria in Finder is not working

Problem Details:

This may happen in any screen: When user clicks on Finder (or uses F5), and enters selection criteria in finder, the results displayed do not reflect the selection specified. Example:  in IC items, setting finder to return only active items, returns both active and inactive items.



Logon to Sage as a different user and test the function.  If it works for one user but not another, user profile corruption is the likely problem. Browse to the shared data folder and click on Users.  Locate the user whose finder is not working and open that folder.  Rename the _p.ism and _c.ism files for the specific company where the finder is not working.  (example, the files will be called ABCDAT_p.ism and ABCDAT_c.ism where ABCDAT is the database ID of the company)  When the user logs back onto Sage, those files will be recreated.  The finder should now be working properly. 

Note:  renaming and recreating these files will revert all custom settings to default.  Therefore, the user will need to reset their print destinations, and re-create any desktop customizations or specific screen customizations they will have had in the corrupted files.  You may want to test renaming these files one at a time, to find which one is contributing to the problem, and keeping the other one intact - to save on having to reset too many customizations.

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