Progress bar appears when clicking on any Sage 300 icon

Problem Description: 

Some functions in Sage 300 ERP may hang when attempting to open them. The progress bar may appear, but the user interface will not open. The process may have to be terminated by using the Windows Task Manager.



The program is trying (unsuccessfully) to register the dll files for the function selected.  Register all the files using the Regacc utility from Sage.  Browse to the program files directory (confirm this location under Help / System Information), usually c:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP.  Open the Runtime folder and locate the regacc.exe file.  Right click and select Run as Administrator.  This utility will register all the Sage files.  When it is complete, a log file will be generated in C:\windows\regAcc.LOG.  Open this log file and confirm that the AccpacGridCtrl.dll has been registered successfully.

If this file has not been successfully registered, it will need to be done manually.  Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories, and right click on Command Prompt.  Run as Administrator.  At the command line, type:  regsvr32 "c:\sage\sage 300 ERP\runtime\AccpacGridCtrl.dll" (where C:\sage\sage 300 ERP is the location of the program files). 


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