"No records found" message when generating 1099/CPRS forms

Problem Description: 

The following message may be received when generating 1099/CPRS forms:

"No records found"



Ensure that the vendor has been setup as a 1099/CPRS vendor.  Go to AP Vendors and open the Vendor record.  Go to the Invoicing tab. Under the Tax Reporting field, 1099 or CPRS must be selected, and then the subsequent fields that come up need to be filled in.  Once this is complete, the vendor has been setup as a 1099/CPRS vendor. 

If transactions have been processed for the vendor before he was setup as a 1099/CPRS vendor, those transactions will have to be manually recorded in the 1099/CPRS Inquiry window.  First, go to AP Setup / Options and click on the Transactions tab.  Make sure that the "allow Edit of 1099/CPRS Amounts" option is selected.  Then go to AP Vendors / 1099/CPRS Inquiry, enter the year, vendor and code criteria and click the >> button.  Use the insert key to insert detail lines and enter the required information.  There is no Save or Add button on this screen; the information is automatically saved when entered.

Go to AP Setup / 1099/CPRS Codes and Check the 'Minimum Amount to Report' for each code.  If the vendor has not reached this minimum, there will be no records to report on the form.

Additionally, the 1099/CPRS values are not updated at the time the invoices are posted.  It is only when those invoices are paid that the 1099/CPRS values are updated.







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