Revaluation process says No Records Found to be Revalued

Problem Details:

Running the revaluation process from GL Periodic Processing / Create Revaluation Batch for an account or range of accounts is returning the message:

"No records found to be revalued"



Go to GL Accounts / Accounts and open the account(s) which are to be revalued.  Ensure that the Multicurrency option is selected on the Details tab. 

Go to the Currency tab and if the Post in option is set to 'Specified Currencies', make sure the currency you are trying to revalue is listed in the detail box.  For each currency listed, check the Revaluation field.  If this is set to No, you can still revalue the account, but in the Create Revaluation screen, you must select Yes, in the Force Reval column. 

In the Currency tab, check the Revaluation Code assigned to the currency.  Make sure this code is the same as in the Create Revaluation Batch screen. If the code specified in GL Accounts is 'A', but the revaluation code in Create Revaluation Batch is 'B', no revaluation entries will be created.

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