Emailing invoices to 2 email addresses

Problem Details:

When sending OE invoices through Print Boss via email, the client requests more than one person receive the invoice.



Normally, print boss forms use the Email or Contact Email field in the customer record to read the email address it will send to.  Multiple email addresses can be entered here, separated by a comma.  If the addresses will fit in this field (maximum character limit is 50) then print boss can read them, and send the invoice to multiple email addresses.  However, if the addresses cannot fit inside this field, then print boss cannot send the invoice to the second incomplete address.  In this case, two invoices can be sent separately, and the email address changed in between printings, or a custom crystal / print boss form can be designed to accommodate multiple email addresses, either by pulling them from different fields, or by having them entered into a longer field and reading them from there. 


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