Error: 'Insufficient disk space' when posting

When posting, the following error message is displayed:

"Posting Journal Detail. Insufficient disk space."

"Error occured during posting.  No error batch created."



This issue is due to one of two things.

1) Hard drive space on your SQL server has run out. Log into the SQL server or contact the IT department to check available disk space on your SQL server hard drive. 

2) If hard drive space is available on the server then the issue may be that an Express version of MS SQL is being used and the database size limit of has been reached. Once the database hits the maximum allowable size, processing and posting can no longer happen.  The error message of "insufficient disk space" will show up in Sage 300, and data corruption is the most common result.

SQL Express 2005 has a 4GB database size limit.

SQL Express 2008 R2 has a 10GB database size limit.

Click here for instructions on how to check the size of a MS SQL Database.

If the limit is being reached you must upgrade to MS SQL Standard Edition or an Express version that will allow for larger databases. It is also recommended that you restore your databases to a point in time before the error occurred to avoid data corruption. 

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