Printing a Record of Employment (ROE)

Problem Details:

Need to print a ROE or Record of Employment for an employee. 



Go to Canadian Payroll -> Payroll Employees -> Employees. Bring up the employee you want to print the ROE for. Go to the Class/Schd tab and ensure that the status is set to either Inactive - ROE Pending or Terminated ROE Pending. Press Save.

Go to Canadian Payroll -> Payroll Government Reports -> Record of Employment. Fill in the From Employee and To Employee fields. If a single employee record is selected then put the same employee into both fields. Press the Go Button (it looks like 2 blue arrows pointing to the right). Verify the data in all the fields on each of the tabs and enter or update as necessary.  Press the Print All Button at the bottom of the screen and the printing process will be started. 

To submit an ROE via the web, click on the ROE Web button and enter the path where the file should be saved.  Select Draft or Submit as the Processing Method. A .BLK file will be created.  This is the file to upload to CRA. 

Once the printing (or Web ROE) process has been completed Sage 300 will present the option to change the Inactive ROE Pending employees to Inactive and change the Terminated ROE Pending employees to Terminated. Clicking on Proceed will automatically update the employee status.  Selecting Close will allow the status of the employee to be updated at a later time.

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