'Desktop has stopped working' error

Problem Details:

After entering the user name and password to login to Sage 300 the following error appears:

"Desktop has stopped working.  A problem stopped the program from working correctly"



This error may be caused by an incompatibility between the windows operating system and the Sage 300 version.  For example, Sage 300 version 6.0 is not supported under Windows 8.1, and in this environment, the desktop error will arise.  The best solution is to upgrade Sage 300 to a version which is supported in Windows 8.1 or downgrade Windows to a version supported for the Sage 300 version. 

If that is not immediately possible, an alternative would be to run the program in compatibility mode for an earlier version of Windows.  Right click on the Sage 300 shortcut and select properties.  Go to the Compatibility tab. Turn on the option to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select a version of Windows that is supported for the version of Sage that is installed.  Click on Apply and OK.  This is a temporary workaround solution and is not intended for long term. 

Check on compatibility settings for version 6.0 and the different Sage versions here:

Workstation Compatibility Ver 6.0

Compatibility Guides Sage 300 ERP

Also check that the program is running the same product updates on the server as on each workstation.  If the product updates are not consistently applied to all machines, this error may result.

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