AR receipt posted to wrong customer account

Problem Details:

Customer receipt has been applied to the wrong customer account



The original receipt entry needs to be reversed in Common Services / Bank Services / Bank Transactions / Reverse Transactions. Enter the bank code, and select Accounts Receivable from the drop down menu for the Source Application Field.  Enter the Customer Number where the original receipt was posted and then enter the Check/Receipt No. or select it from the finder.  Confirm the reversal date, and enter a Reason for Reversal, and Post.  Posting of this reversal, takes the deposit out of the bank and makes whichever document that the receipt was applied against, outstanding in the AR customer account.  Now that the incorrect receipt entry has been reversed, a new receipt entry, to the correct customer account can be entered.

In the bank reconciliation, there will be a deposit (the original incorrect entry) and a withdrawal (the reversing entry) and a second deposit (the second receipt posted to the correct account), all of which will need to be cleared in the reconciliation process.

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