Error: You do not have a license to use this product

Problem Details:

Error message: You do not have a license to use this product appears on trying to launch Sage 300 ERP



This error indicates either that Sage 300 ERP cannot find license files for the current installation or that license files are expired or invalid.  

If there are other workstations on your network, check if Sage 300 ERP can be opened and run from a different workstation.  If Sage launches successfully from all workstations except one, it is likely that the machine with the error cannot see the Sage 300 ERP shared directory.

To resolve this, start the registry editor by clicking Start->Run and typing regedit. For 32 bit environments, the Shared Data path is located under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ACCPAC International, Inc.\ACCPAC\Configuration. For 64 bit environments, it's under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ACCPAC International, Inc.\ACCPAC\Configuration. 

Confirm the shared data value is the same location as on other machines that are working. If it is the same, ensure that the user on the non-working workstation has Full Control over the files and subdirectories in the Shared Data directory. 

If this issue is occurring on all machines or when first opening Sage 300 ERP, confirm the Shared Data path is correct. If it is, look for license files in the Shared Data directory and confirm appropriate rights.  To check on rights, create a text file in the Shared Data directory and then delete it.  The ability to do these actions confirms the user's access is sufficient. 

If rights are set correctly, manually launch the license manager to check for any licensing issues.  Look for the Runtime subdirectory under the Sage 300 ERP program files directory.  It should be under C:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP. In the Runtime subdirectory, double click A4WLicMgr.exe to run it.  Check for temporary licenses or unregistered applications. Unregistered Applications or Temporary Licenses

For more information see also: You do not have a license or this community discussion: No license

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