Version 2012 - Product Update 5 - January 2015

January 2015

The following are some of the features and fixes the Product Update 5 addresses in Version 2012:

  • Character limits now work for optional fields.  For example, if you specify a limit of 10 characters for an optional field, it is not possible to enter more than 10 characters in the field
  • When exporting a report to an Excel file, you can now specify options for the exported file
  • When printing to e-mail, you can now select recipients from your Microsoft Outlook address book
  • Fixed a problem in Financial Reporter that prevented you from saving reports in xlsx format
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when you split a lot, which caused the cost of the newly created lots to have three decimal places, even if you use a currency code that allows fewer than three decimal places.
  • Fixed a problem on the Items screen that could cause the Items Finder to display no results, even if there were matching results that should have been displayed

To review the complete Release Notes, please click here: Version 2012 Product Update 5 Release Notes

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