How to create Kitting Item in IC

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Setting up Kitting Items in Inventory Control



Kitting items are collections of items that are priced and sold as a single item.  They are often collected together for a sale, or they are simply a combination of items that go together as a package deal.  The cost of the kit is based on the cost of each individual item in the kit. 

First create the Item in IC Items and Price Lists -> Items. Make sure the Kitting Item option is checked. After the item has been added and saved, open IC Items and Price Lists -> Kitting Items. Select the item that was just created, enter a kitting number, and a description and insert the individual component items. Click the Add button to complete the entry or Save to commit any changes. 

Note that you can have multiple sets of components for building the same kitting item.  Use different Kitting Numbers for the variations.  For example, you could have a kit with component items of different colors. 

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