Internal Error. reading ICILOC (6567 POINVZ1.C)

Problem Details:

User is trying to post a PO invoice for an additional cost and the following error message appears:

"Internal Error. reading ICILOC (6567 POINVZ1.C)



When a PO Invoice is being processed, the program not only looks at the items or additional charges that are being invoiced, it also looks at all of the items on the related receipt and purchase order.  So, even if an item is not being invoiced on the current document, it is being referenced and checked by the program because it is attached to a related receipt or po document.  This means that when this error occurs, the user must check all items on the related receipt and purchase order to ensure they have the correct locations assigned to them - the location that is referenced on the PO and receipt and invoice. 

Go to IC Items and Price Lists / Location Details.  Bring up the items on the receipt or purchase order and verify the correct locations are assigned.  When the item is found without the location assigned to it - add the location and save.  Re-enter the PO Invoice and post. 

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