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What are UI Profiles and how are they setup?



UI Profiles are additional security settings that hide selected fields.  The Profile is then assigned to a user, and this restricts the user from being able to use that function.  One of the most common uses for UI Profiles is to hide the Delete button to prevent users from deleting items or orders or batches, etc.   

Only the ADMIN user can setup UI Profiles. 

UI Profiles can be created from Administrative Services / UI Profile Maintenance.  They can also be created 'on the fly' from any customizable Sage 300 screen.  Open the screen which is to have hidden fields.  For example, open IC Items.  Click on File / Customize.  If a UI Profile already exists, select it from the drop down menu, or create a new profile, give it a description and click Add.  By default, all controls are selected to be shown on the form.  De-select any control to hide that field.  As you de-select fields, the screen will hide that field, allowing the user to confirm the correct field has been de-selected. 

There is an option to apply the details of this customization to other profiles already created.  Click on OK to save the UI Profile. 

Go to Administrative Services / Assign UI Profiles and enter the user ID and whichever UI Profile(s) should be assigned to them.  When the user logs onto Sage next time, this profile will be in effect. 

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