Setting up Inventory Units of Measure

Problem Description: 
Need to use consistent units of measure for items to avoid duplication such as 'each' and 'ea' or 'dozen' and 'dz'.


  • Go to IC Setup / Options, click on the Processing tab.  Turn on the function to 'Use only defined UOM'. Save.
  • Go to IC Setup / Units of Measure.  Add and define all the units of measure that may be required for any items and input their default conversion factors. (these conversion factors can be changed on individual items at the time of adding the UOM to the item).
  • When entering or editing the item units of measure, using IC Items, or the Item Wizard, only units of measure that are defined in your IC Setup / Units of Measure screen can be entered. The can be selcted from the finder and the list created above in step two will be displayed. 
  • If a UOM is entered that is not on the pre-defined list, an error message will be displayed: "Description: Incorrect procedure.  Unit of measure ___ does not exist in I/C Units."  The options then are to enter a UOM that is already on the list, or to add the new desired UOM to the list before adding it to the inventory item.


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