Customized GL Transactions Listing Report using Source Journals

Problem Description: 

Need to customize the GL Transactions Listing report to only show certain types of transactions.  Common request for this feature is during an accounting audit.



In order to print a GL Transaction Listing which only shows certain types of transactions, source journals are used.  Source journals make use of the transaction source codes (GL-JE, AP-IN, AR-PY for example) to select and print posted transaction details.   

To setup source journal profiles, go to GL setup, Source Journal Profiles. Give your profile a name (example:  GL Entries Only) and then in the detail box below, use the finder under the Source column to select only GL sources. When you are done, your profile may look something like this:

Another example is to create a source journal profile called Every Module Except AP.  Add all the sources from all modules, excluding everything from the AP module.  This will be beneficial for determining if any entries have been posted to the AP Control account which has not come from the AP module, thus helping to identify the out of balance amounts between the subledger and the GL.

The next step is to go to GL Reports, Source Journals. Select your Profile (example GL Entries Only) and then move onto the Accounts page. This screen looks exactly like the GL Transaction Listing screen.  Select the accounts to be printed. The report will show only the transactions from the source codes specified in your source journal profile. In this example, the result will be a GL transaction report that shows only the GL entries posted into the requested accounts.

An unlimited number of Source Journal Profiles are available , and they can be customized in any way with any different number of combination of sources to suit the particular reporting requirements. (note:  maximum of 50 source codes per profile is allowed)  A Source Journal is not relegated to contain only source types from the same module.  The reasons to create source journal profiles are many and limited only by your imagination and specific needs.


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