Rollup account must have at least one member

Problem Details:

Data integrity errors shows for General Ledger:

"Incorrect procedure. Rollup Account ____ must have at least one member"



A Rollup Account lets you consolidate or "roll up" two or more account balances to give a summary balance.  These rolled up amounts are predominantly used for reporting, but may also be used for classification and budgeting. 

In GL Accounts / Accounts, the Rollup option is seen on the Detail tab.  Once an acount has been selected as a Rollup account, a new tab called Rollup appears.  It is on this tab that members of the rollup account must be designated.  An account cannot be a rollup account if no member accounts are assigned.  Note that it is possible for an account to be a rollup account and have members, and also to be a member of other rollup accounts.  It is possible, then, for an account to be duplicated on a report due to the rollup / member status.  


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