Error: View Does Not Exist

Problem Details:

Unable to open one or more UI screens in Sage 300 ERP.  Error message appears:  "view XXXX does not exist."


If UI screens are not appearing try applying the following procedure:

  1. Run a Repair Install (It is recommended to have a Certified Consultant or Tech Support Analyst help with this step)

    • Find and run the Sage 300 ERP Installer

    • When prompted, select Repair then next

    • Wait for the repair install to complete

  2. Reapply the latest Product Update - See this article for details on how to apply a product update.

  3. Run RegAcc.exe from the runtime folder

    • Find the Sage 300 ERP program files directory. To find the location of the program files, launch Sage and then click on Help / System Information.  The program files directory is displayed here.  Browse to this location.

    • Navigate to the runtime folder

    • Select RegAcc.exe, right click and Run As Administrator.  This utility will register all the Sage files, and when it is complete, it will say that a log file has been generated.  View the log file to confirm that all dll and ocx files have been successfully registered.

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