Error: Record Already Exists

Problem Description

"Record already exists" Error. Occurs when trying to post a document or entry

This happens, in most cases because of the document number. If you are posting an OE invoice number, IN02468, the error is telling you that the invoice number has already been used. This does NOT mean your invoice has already been posted, but that an invoice with the same number is posted in the database - and you cannot use the same invoice number twice. 

Accpac automatically numbers many documents created. The use of the ***NEW*** in the document number field indicates that Accpac is going to use the next available number to identify this document. These numbers are then tracked by Accpac in the setup tables for each module. However, if a user manually enters the next invoice number, without allowing Accpac to auto-number it, Accpac doesn't know how to update the field. 

Confirm that this is the issue. Go to your OE Invoice Entry screen (using our current example) and lookup the last invoice number. Then go to your OE Setup/Options/Documents screen and compare the numbers. If they are the same, or if the number in your OE Setup screen is lower than the last invoice number posted - the problem has been identified! Update the Next Number field for the OE Invoice to get in front of the invoice numbers already posted. 

Note: Exclusive access to the OE Module is required in order to save the changes to the OE Setup/Options/Documents screen. This may mean you need everyone to get out of Accpac completely, due to the integration of the modules and drill down capabilities. 

If this error appears and the next document number is larger that the last invoice posted (the invoice number has NOT been used already) this means that there is a different unique field that is trying to be posted, but is already present in the database. 

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