Email Notifications for Payment Request

Problem Description:

How to change the approver's email notification settings for an AP Payment Request



1. Go to Company from the top navigation bar
2. Under the Company list on the right, click on 
My Preferences
3. Locate the section titled "Email Notifications"

4. Under Requests for Approval:

  • Payment: Receive an email when there is a payment request for approval.
  • Payment Individual: Receive an email each time there is a request.
  • Payment Consolidated: Reduce your incoming email by grouping related request notifications into one email.
  • Payment Minimum amount: To limit the email notifications to the most important/higher amount payment approval requests, you can enter a minimum amount. For example, to limit notifications to requests over $2000, type 2000 (without the $)

Note: The settings above are for approvers only.  The user that selects the bill for payment will still be notified individually when the payments are approved.  There is no way to disable or change these emails.


See Managing Email Notifications for more information on email notifications.

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