Exporting OE Orders freezes and will not complete

Problem Details:

Trying to export OE Orders to an Excel file does not complete and freezes, or the following message may be displayed:

"Can't Append Table.  System Error:  Too many fields defined"



From the Order Entry screen, click on File / Export.  By default, all fields are selected for export and if the user does not unselect some of them, there are too many of them for Excel to handle.  The process will either display the message above, or will simply freeze and be unable to complete the export process.  The user needs to unselect fields after clicking on file / export.  The fields can be individually unselected by expanding each section and clicking off the unnecessary fields. Or all fields can be unselected for each section by highlighting the section and doing a right click.  A new menu appears where the user can 'unselect all fields'.  Then the user need only select the required fields.

The other alternative, if all of the fields are required for the export, is to export to a Single CSV File or a CSV File.  These formats will support an export of all of the Order Entry fields.


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