Quantity on sales order does not match

Problem Details:

When viewing Location Details for an item, the column 'Quantity on S/O' or 'Quantity Committed' has a value in it, but when drilling down to find the orders the item is on, no orders are displayed.  The following data integrity error will be seen in IC:

E: Quantity on sales order __ for item ____ at location ____ 
does not match the quantity on sales order __stored in IC. 
E: Quantity committed __ for item ____ at location ____ 
does not match the quantity committed 0 stored in IC.



This issue can be resolved by running the Data Integrity Check for Inventory Control with the 'Fix Minor errors' option turned on.  Go to Administrative Services / Data Integrity.  Highlight 'Inventory Control' in the Available Applications box and click 'Include' to move it into the Check Applications box.  Then select the option to 'Fix Minor Errors' and click 'Check'. 

When the check has completed, a report will either be displayed on screen, or be sent to a printer, depending on the user's print destination settings.  The same error will be displayed, however, it will be identified as 'Fixed'.  This report is stored in the shared data directory (click Help / System Information from within Sage to find out where the shared data directory is located) under the Company folder.  Click on the folder for the specific company ID and look for a file called ERRORS.LOG.  This will be the latest data integrity check report.  Note that every time a data integrity check is run, this file is overwritten. 

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