Mass Update of Customer Information

Problem Details:

A mass update of customer information is required.



A mass update of Customer data can be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Create a Custom View of the Customers list with just the Customer ID, Customer Name, and the fields that need to be updated.
2. Export the View to CSV for Import.
3. Import the CSV file through the Company Setup Checklist.


Step 1. Create the Custom View:

a. Go to Accounts Receivable from the top navigational bar.
b. Click Customers.
c. From the Options drop-down menu, click Create New View.
d. Select Customer ID, Customer Name, the fields to update, and remove all other selections.
e. Click Save, enter a Name, and click Save again.                                             f. See also Customizing List Views for more information on custom views.

Step 2. From the Customers list, to export to CSV for Import:

a. Select the new view from the View drop-down menu.
b. From the Export drop-down menu, click CSV for Import.

Step 3. Once the file generates, save it, make the necessary changes to the fields, save again, and follow these steps to import:

a. Go to Company from the top navigational bar.
b. Click Open Setup.
c. Click Company Setup Checklist.
d. Click "Import" next to Customers.


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