Revenue Recognition Posting Methods

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What are the posting methods for revenue recognition?


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There are two types of posting methods for revenue recognition transactions:
1.  Manual: User will need to go to Accounts Receivable or Order Entry and select the option 'Manage Revenue Schedules' and select the item to post. 
2.  Automatic: This will allow the system to auto post any revenue recognition transactions.

To change the posting method associated with a Revenue Recognition Template:
1. Go to Accounts Receivable/Order Entry
2. Select Open Setup
3. Choose 'Revenue Recognition Templates' from the Setup Lists menu
4. Select 'Edit' next to the template you would like to change
5. Locate 'Posting Method' and change it to the method of posting preferred, manual or automatic
6. Save

Note that changing an existing recognition template will affect all transactions which use the template.

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